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About Us 

       Our program focuses on encouraging participation and teamwork.  Everybody is given the opportunity to learn, develop and prove themselves in all areas.  With time, every student finds out which areas they like the most and excel at. Our dedicated mentors help students master the skills they already have and teach them those they do not. The knowledge and skills they acquire through our program prepares them to overcome any problem they might run into in robotics, as well as in their everyday lives.

Mission of our organization

Develop in our students their skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  


Vision of our Organization

      Develop robotics teams that put their knowledge into practice in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an environment of educational competition and family union. Our organization seeks to assist in the student's education so that our members learn to work as a team and to make important decisions.  

team 2355A has an excellent performance in VEX WORLDS 2019

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